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Owing to the hot and arid conditions of the region, agriculture in the UAE comes with its own set of difficulties and complications. With the steep rise in UAE’s population, sourcing fresh, nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables becomes troublesome, particularly during the hot summer months. Importing produce from other parts of the world not only comes with an increased price tag, it further compromises on its freshness due to the time spent in transit.

With an acute realization and understanding of these issues, the team at Aero Fresh Farm LLC has dedicated itself to promoting agriculture in UAE by introducing farming methods that guarantee year-long produce.

We Hold A Passion For Boosting Agriculture In Dubai, UAE

With an excellent reputation amidst leading agriculture companies in Dubai, we have introduced futuristic, state-of-the-art farming methods, including greenhouse farming, vertical or horizontal farming, aeroponics or hydroponics to ensure that the residents of the UAE have easy access to fresh vegetables and fruits all through the year.

Our advanced means of farming allow us to grow crops indoors, which in turn protects them against seasonal changes and pests, thereby allowing us to guarantee delivering fruits and vegetables that are free of all traces of pesticides. Dedicated to sustainable agriculture, we boast of increased year-long productivity with minimal amounts of waste, thereby contributing positively to environmental safety. So if you are looking for an agriculture company that promises to deliver fresh, locally grown, pesticide-free produce, then make sure that you connect with the experts at Aero Fresh Farm today!

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