Greenhouse Farming In UAE

The acquisition of fresh produce all through the year is much of a challenge across the UAE due to its hot, arid climate. Any produce that is grown within the region is not only full of pesticides, but cannot always be grown and delivered, particularly during the hot summer months. If you opt for naturally grown vegetables that need to be imported from different parts of the world, apart from the high price tag attached to them, they lose out on their freshness due to being in transit for days and weeks.

With these conditions in mind, the best means of farming and providing local, natural produce to the citizens of the UAE is that of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) – the farming method of the future. At Aero Fresh Farms LLC, we have taken the initiative to establish greenhouse farms through which we deliver fresh leafy greens, microgreens, lettuces, vegetables, herbs and fruits that are grown, picked and packaged within the United Arab Emirates.

Benefit From The Wonders Of Greenhouse Farming In Dubai, UAE

Owing to the miracles of greenhouse farming, we at Aero Fresh Farms LLC guarantee the ultimate in freshness in all our produce. We boast of high-tech greenhouse farms where our experts provide precise environmental and climatic controls, thereby helping us achieve increased productivity all through the year.

Dedicated to contributing positively to the food security of the UAE, we use the most advanced means of technology to tackle the harsh climate of the region and ensure that fresh, locally grown and pesticide-free produce is available for our customers all through the year.

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