Aero Fresh Farm is a state-of-the-art innovative urban farm utilizing hydroponics

Hydroponics In UAE – Farming of the Future

Aero Fresh Farm is a one-of-a-kind urban farm that boasts of innovative, cutting-edge hydroponic systems that allow us to farm in an efficient, eco-friendly manner in an urban controlled environment. Our sole concern is to ensure 100% natural water savings, while also delivering produce that is pesticide-free and available all through the year – all of this is possible owing to the wonders of hydroponics.

Hydroponics farming in Dubai allows eradicating the need of pesticides & herbicides while reducing the water consumption when compared to conventional soil-based farming. Most importantly, hydroponic systems are the farming method of the future considering that these allow for spaces to be customized at urban farms while also increasing the crop yield using efficient solutions within a controlled climate environment.


Water Savings

Hydroponics provides 90% water savings compared to soil-based farming

Space Savings

Hydroponics provides 80% space savings compared to farming in soil

Nutrient Delivery

Nutrient delivery is 100% controlled and completely natural.


Smart Farming

With hydroponics, we can grow indoor within an urban context 12 months out of the year using little energy and no chemicals. We control the chemistry of the water and the purity of the nutrients we use.  With all the right hydroponics supplies in UAE, we are in the position to deliver produce that is pesticide-free, fresh and highly nutritional.

In most cases, hydroponics is a much more eco-friendly agricultural approach than regular conventional farming that guarantees year-round availability of fresh Leafy greens. We are dedicated to featuring a top notch urban farm utilizing the most efficient hydroponic solutions for the benefit autonomous food production system in the UAE. Our hydroponic systems are expandable, reproducible, and scalable.

As an extension of our knowledge and expertise, our team is readily available to provide complete support to anyone interested in implementing hydroponics and aeroponics within the United Arab Emirates.

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