Vertical Farming in UAE

Vertical farms are basically indoor facilities that allow for crops to be grown in hydroponic systems that are stacked on top of each other. This particular farming method reduces the need for agricultural land, while also reducing the distance produce has to travel to the shelf. Ideal for farming in all sorts of situations, vertical farming is best suited for countries like the UAE where there is plenty of sunshine with limited availability of arable land.

What Does Vertical Farming In Dubai Have To Offer?

There are a number of advantages that vertical farming has to offer. The one benefit that truly stands out is that of it being able to produce all through the year as they are indoors and aren’t subject to seasons. Most importantly, considering that vertical farming takes place indoors, the farm is locked away from the outside world, thereby ensuring that the produce is pesticide-free.

H2: A Futuristic Approach To Farming
Vertical farming, hydroponics and aeroponics are the farming methods of the future that the team at Aero Fresh Farms has introduced in the UAE today. As thorough experts, we understand the issues caused by the growing population of the United Arab Emirates, and the challenging situations that it can trigger in terms of sourcing food. It is for this reason that we have made it a priority to positively contribute in food security, not just in the UAE, but across the world too.

We realize that arable land is not readily available, which calls for introducing the technology of aeroponics/hydroponics within vertical/horizontal farms to deliver fresh, pesticide-free produce. As pioneers in aeroponics, we control multiple environmental factors, including humidity, temperature and so much more. This way, we can guarantee year-long produce for consumers across the UAE.

Got A Question? Feel Free To Ask!

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